I am lost/in our rainbow/now our rainbow/has gone

Hejsan Folks,

I made another 20in20 on my very free Saturday. This time some Hart of Dixie Icons for episodes20in20. All from the Series Final. 20 Icons and some Alts, as always, under the cut.

You know how it works, everything public until the end of the voting and comments and light = ♥Overcast/by your shadow/as our worlds move onCollapse )
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Harry Potter

And you give it all away/Would you give it all away now?

Hejsan Folks,

I made a set for guys20in20 - this time the all grown up Matthew Lewis.

The Catgory was hard because I am way too old for Internet Slang and to find good pics was even harder. I made some textless alts, just in case. Oh and here are the three internet slangs (?) I did not know before this set.
FTFY = Fixed that for you
DFTBA = Don't forget to be awesome
SCNR = Sorry, could not resist

All the Icons and some Alternates under the cut:
Life/You know it can"t be so easy/But you can"t just leave it...Collapse )
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Ripper Street

I'm all alone and finally/I'm getting stronger

Hejsan Folks,

time for a new Fanmix. This time a Ripper Street Fanmix for gameofcards. The theme was Femme Fatale and the one character that came to my mind was Ripper Street's Susan.

So, you know how it works, full cover art, Lyrics, YT Links and a link to the spotify Playlist under the cut. Just to let you know, the Sportify Playlist misses one Song but there is a YT Link under the cut. Oh and I have to warn, one song + lyrics is explicit.
The one I used to hear before my life/Made a choiceCollapse )

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Stock {Bunny}

I can't escape this hell/So many times I've tried


long time no see...again. My RL is a mess, but I managed to finish my batch for season20in20. 20 Haven Season 4 Icons and some alternates under the cut.

Comment and light = ♥
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So what if you can see the darkest side of me? No one will ever change this animal I have becomeCollapse )
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Harry Potter

Another lonely day/With no one here but me

Hejsan Folks,

here's another Fanmix for gameofcards. This time the Movie Edition of my Audrey Fanmix.
So here we go, 5 Songs about "The Martian". Again with YT Videos (and yay, none bad Live Versions in the links) and Spotify Playlist.

Full Cover, Lyrics, YT Links and Spotify Playlist under the cut. And you know, comments and light = ♥
A year has passed since I wrote my note/But I should have known this right from the start...Collapse )

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