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a long, long time ago. I have some super old Icons on my harddrive and here they are.

 photo GG09.png  photo WalkingDead131.png  photo Inception11.png

You know how it works: Comments and light = love. :) And public for ~3 Weeks.
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Hejsan Folks,

I can't believe it, but here is my second 20in20 in a pretty short time. This time for season20in20.

On the other hand was my layout totally messed up when I checked it today, so I had to change it, to see everything in a proper way. Stupid LJ is stupid. I have no clue when or if I go back to the old one.

Yeah, so, the Icons. 20 Luther Season 3 Icons (and some Alternates). I still can't believe what they did in this Season and I am still heartbroken. Deeply. Anyway. The Quote I used for fairytale Quote is from H.C. Andersen's "The Little Mermaid": "She laughed and danced with the thought of death in her heart.” And it was pretty clear what for a relationship I would choose for the Category. Heartbroken. Just to remind you.

Ok, now on to the Icon. You guys knows how it works: Comments and light = love.

Rest, as always, under the cut.
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X-Men {Charles}

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Hola Folks,

so here it is: My set for guys20in20. I so noticed that I am out of the regular Icon making thing. :( I had to redo the Blackout + Color Splash Icon for about 4 times and I don't even like the endresult. Anyway. Not square is also pretty bad, but after redoing the one icon so often I was kind of tired to change it. Definitely not my best set but to avoid that I don't have enough time in the end I just want to finish it asap. We will see. There are so many cretive minds in this comm and I am pretty sure I can't stand the comparison this time...

Anyway 20 handsome guys under the cut. You know how it works: Comments and light = ♥ Oh and some more random bla bla about the set also under the cut.

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X-Men {Charles}

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Ok, you guys all know I am a Fanmix addict (even when I haven't found great mixes lately...tips always welcome btw.) and so I could not resist to take the Challenge over at gameofcards: Since it's getting close to Halloween and villains are awesome, create a mixtape of up to 10 songs about your favorite villain!

(while working on this I realized that Mirah is kind of my Fanmix Joker. "Bones & Skin" is such a masterpiece I just it again and again...maybe I should ban her for the next mix...)

So here we go, a Eric/Magneto Fanmix with all the Lyrics, all the links and all the heartbreaking under the cut.
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Narnia {Su}

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Hi Folks,

another entry for womenverse: "Create fanworks about non-human female characters."
Ok, sounds easy, it was not. I had to think pretty hard to come to a character. But, when nothing works, you can always search in Narnia ;D and yes, I found a non-human character: the (in the books) unnamed daughter of the retired star Ramandu. In the movie she got later a name: Liliandil.

I made a Fanmix and some Sigtags, everything under the cut.

To put a mix together is pretty hard, because we never get to know her really. In The Dawn Treader she is just a minor character and in The Silver Chair she is already dead. So we have no clue how her marriage with Caspian was or what she was for a mother for Rilian. So I tried in the mix to start with the phase where she meets Caspian and they feel in love. The end is a bit more darker, because in my head the marriage was not all happy (because Caspian still loved Edmund) because they were from different worlds. I hope it kind of worked out.
* I am sorry, I haven't found a perfect Link for "Glow Stars". I will change that asap.

Ok, the Mix with full cover Art and the Sig Tags under the cut. Enjoy and you know comments and light = love.

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