Walking Dead {Shane}

you will fall to the floor/you will take what you need...

Hejsan Folks,

I can't really believe it, but I finishes my set for guys20in20. It was super late but I made it. Yay. Some Icons look like I didn't had that much time, but some are pretty good (what is not that hard, if you icon a hottie like Jon Bernthal). I messed up the colors bronze/gold/orange a bit, but I hope it's still clear which one is which color.

Like always: Public until the end and comments and light = love.
there"s the smoke fills your lungs/we will wait for the day/we"ll rejoice when it comesCollapse )
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Stock {Bunny}

I can't escape this hell/So many times I've tried


long time no see...again. My RL is a mess, but I managed to finish my batch for season20in20. 20 Haven Season 4 Icons and some alternates under the cut.

Comment and light = ♥
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So what if you can see the darkest side of me? No one will ever change this animal I have becomeCollapse )
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Walking Dead {Shane}

It's a lovely day today/So why do I feel strange/Wasted away, I am dry...

Hejsan Folks,

I have another Icon batch for you. It looks like my folder never gets empty :( These are mostly made for moviefilmstills, tvshowsic and tvshowsic.

As always, public for about 3 weeks and comments and light = ♥
Dreaming of another place/To wash away the pain....Collapse )

Narnia {Casmund}

Honestly I'm standing here/Afraid I'll be betrayed


I made a Narnia Set for narniaseven. It's so wonderful how much this fandom still means to me and how comforting it is to come back. So, 10 "Prince Caspian" Icons for 10 Themes and two alternates under the Cut.

Ok, guys, you know how it works: Public until the end of the voting and comments & light = ♥
So much emptiness inside/I could fill the deepest sea...Collapse )
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Harry Potter

Another lonely day/With no one here but me

Hejsan Folks,

here's another Fanmix for gameofcards. This time the Movie Edition of my Audrey Fanmix.
So here we go, 5 Songs about "The Martian". Again with YT Videos (and yay, none bad Live Versions in the links) and Spotify Playlist.

Full Cover, Lyrics, YT Links and Spotify Playlist under the cut. And you know, comments and light = ♥
A year has passed since I wrote my note/But I should have known this right from the start...Collapse )

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Stock {Bunny}

She's so fierce and full of that fire...

Hejsan Folks,

I had the chance to make another Fanmix for gameofcards.

I decided to make a EP for Haven's Audrey. Behind the cut you can find the lyrics, the YT Links and a link to the a spotify playlist (Sadly, here's one song missing). I have to warn you, some YT videos are very bad liveversions, but there was nothing better to find.

As always, comments and light = love.
I wonder/If someday we"ll be free...Collapse )

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Narnia {Casmund}

After all these years Winter was still hard for him...

Hejsan Folks,

another fic for gameofcards. It was (again) time to go back to Narnia for a snow themed fic. I wrote this in a hurry to not miss the deadline, so be nice for any typos and grammar stupidity you are finding.

You know how it works: Comments and light = love.

Prompt Used: "The heart can get really cold if all you've known is winter." ― Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Last Night I Sang to the Monster, Snowstorm
Title: (optional) Winter reminds me
Fandom: (if any) Narnia
Pairings: (if any) none, Gen.
Warnings: (if any) Spoiler for Lion, Witch, Wardrobe
Word Count: 687

This all reminds him of his past. Of her.Collapse )

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