Walking Dead {Shane}

Heart becomes whole when you give up the fight

Hi Folks,

I am super, super late with some of my Icons and so it's time to post some of them. Mostly made for tv_movie_icons, nexticon and actress_ic.

Oh and I have an Iconquestion this time: Do you delete some Icons you made later? Like you made them for a comm and realised that they were just super bad?

You know how it works: Comments and light = ♥♥ and everything will be public for about ~3 weeks.

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Legend of the Seeker {Cara}

Howling ghosts – they reappear


I am again sick and hate it. My body just hates me this year, I have no clue why. :( Anyway. I finished last weekend my set for season20in20 but had not time to post it. So here is it: 20 Vikings Icons + some Alternates (mostly b/w or textless versions). I have to apologize for the worst Icon ever made aka full body+fake backgorund. What a bad bad Icon. I really not want to show it the world, but I need it for the set. So please be so kind and just ignore it. Thanks.
The lyrics, for those of you who wants to know, are from Of Monsters and Men's "Kind & Lionheart". Btw, if you haven't, check out their new Album. It's amazing.

Ok, Folks, you know how it works: Comments & Light = ♥ and the post will be public until the end of the voting.

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Narnia {Su}

Narnia Fantime

Hejsan Folks,

I was long long out of the business over at gameofcards, but I had to participate in this challenge: Fancasting Picspams!

I am super excited there might be another Narnia movie in the future, so I casted "The Silver Chair". No Casting for Eustace because I loved what Will Poulter made in the Dawn Treader so please let him return. Would be so awesome.

The whole stuff under the cut. Let me know what you think :)“Life isn"t all fricasseed frogs and eel pie.”Collapse )
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X-Men {Charles}

We carry on our backs the burden

Ok, you guys all know I am a Fanmix addict (even when I haven't found great mixes lately...tips always welcome btw.) and so I could not resist to take the Challenge over at gameofcards: Since it's getting close to Halloween and villains are awesome, create a mixtape of up to 10 songs about your favorite villain!

(while working on this I realized that Mirah is kind of my Fanmix Joker. "Bones & Skin" is such a masterpiece I just it again and again...maybe I should ban her for the next mix...)

So here we go, a Eric/Magneto Fanmix with all the Lyrics, all the links and all the heartbreaking under the cut.
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