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31 March 2012 @ 11:54 am

Friends only.
We know each other? Comment.
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You want to look at my arts longer than 3 weeks or until the challenge is over? Comment.
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03 January 2015 @ 03:57 pm

Hola Folks,

I made the first 20in20 for 2015 *whoop whoop* For a challenge over at gameofcards. It was time to get back to Narnia. I missed it. For the Category I iconed my fave characters and the song used in Lyrics is Nickelback's "Far away" - one of my fave Casmund songs.

 photo Narnia365.png  photo Narnia370.png  photo Narnia376.png

You know how it works: Public until the end of the phase, comments and light are ♥

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12 December 2014 @ 05:08 pm

time to post some new old Icons.

You know how it works: Public für 3 weeks and comments and light = love.

 photo Thor18.png  photo Avengers13.png  photo Lowndes10.png

Thor (7), Avengers (5), Atonement, Jessica Lowndes (2), Kate Winslet, Romola Garai, Selena Gomez, Tiffanie Thiessen (2), Marion Cotillard, Milla Jovovich (2), Rachel Bilson (2), Olivie Wilde, Carey Mulligan, Cate Blanchett (2)
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I was long, long gone. Sorry, guys. I had tons of work (Christmas is just hell when you are working in retail trade). Now I have the time because I am ill and bound to my couch. So hey, I'm kind of back (until Friday, Saturday I will be back at work...).

gameofcards started a new Session and hey I made something! Yay! I was pretty bad the last time with my landcomms and communities so I am kind of happy to be back in the game.

The following mix based on the Tarot Card "Lovers". Robbie and Cecilia crossed my mind shortly after reading the challenge rules. First I thought about Icons (kind of 5 from her and 5 from him) but then I realized that I can do a Mix. And I made a mix. I hope you can see the journey of these two: From an unspoken love, to passion, to the seperation and the coming back together in another life.
 photo Fanmix_AtonementFront.png

All the cover art, the link and the lyrics under the cut.
And don't forget: Comments and light = love ♥
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another entry for womenverse "Choose a fandom and make 20 icons or write 20 drabbles with female characters from the fandom, based on the prompts below." Last time I choose Narnia/Lucy and this time it was time to Icon Neve. So I made 22 Scream series Icons.

You know how it works: Everything public until the end of the phase, comments and light = love.
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13 October 2014 @ 09:46 pm
Hej you Fassy and James Lovers out there:

lims_movie // Sign up here
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11 October 2014 @ 07:07 pm
Ok, you guys all know I am a Fanmix addict (even when I haven't found great mixes always welcome btw.) and so I could not resist to take the Challenge over at gameofcards: Since it's getting close to Halloween and villains are awesome, create a mixtape of up to 10 songs about your favorite villain!

(while working on this I realized that Mirah is kind of my Fanmix Joker. "Bones & Skin" is such a masterpiece I just it again and again...maybe I should ban her for the next mix...)

So here we go, a Eric/Magneto Fanmix with all the Lyrics, all the links and all the heartbreaking under the cut.
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03 October 2014 @ 07:54 pm

Hi Folks,

another entry for womenverse: "Create fanworks about non-human female characters."
Ok, sounds easy, it was not. I had to think pretty hard to come to a character. But, when nothing works, you can always search in Narnia ;D and yes, I found a non-human character: the (in the books) unnamed daughter of the retired star Ramandu. In the movie she got later a name: Liliandil.

I made a Fanmix and some Sigtags, everything under the cut.

To put a mix together is pretty hard, because we never get to know her really. In The Dawn Treader she is just a minor character and in The Silver Chair she is already dead. So we have no clue how her marriage with Caspian was or what she was for a mother for Rilian. So I tried in the mix to start with the phase where she meets Caspian and they feel in love. The end is a bit more darker, because in my head the marriage was not all happy (because Caspian still loved Edmund) because they were from different worlds. I hope it kind of worked out.
* I am sorry, I haven't found a perfect Link for "Glow Stars". I will change that asap.

Ok, the Mix with full cover Art and the Sig Tags under the cut. Enjoy and you know comments and light = love.

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17 August 2014 @ 07:54 pm

normally I don't have that strong feelings about the Icons I enter for a challenge. Sure it's nice to win or to see that your work is not that bad but normally I just do it for the fun. I entered an James McAvoy Icon for the last round of guys20in20 and this time I was super happy this Icon won because I loved it. It was the first time in years that I was proud of an Icon and was sure that it was a good one. And so it's today time for a little hell yeah, I am awesome entry.

And now you guys, do you have Icons you are super proud of? Show them, tell me, spread love and light. :)
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29 July 2014 @ 09:56 pm

uinder the cut 3 Tumblr grafics/picspams for a challenge over at womenverse: "Create fanworks with canonically disabled female characters. (Edited later: Real or historical disabled women are welcome too!)".

Ok. First this was super hard. I had absolutely nothing in mind, but after brainstorming a bit I found 3 women that fit the theme. So, everything under the cut, comments and light = love. :)

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