Narnia {Casmund}

After all these years Winter was still hard for him...

Hejsan Folks,

another fic for gameofcards. It was (again) time to go back to Narnia for a snow themed fic. I wrote this in a hurry to not miss the deadline, so be nice for any typos and grammar stupidity you are finding.

You know how it works: Comments and light = love.

Prompt Used: "The heart can get really cold if all you've known is winter." ― Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Last Night I Sang to the Monster, Snowstorm
Title: (optional) Winter reminds me
Fandom: (if any) Narnia
Pairings: (if any) none, Gen.
Warnings: (if any) Spoiler for Lion, Witch, Wardrobe
Word Count: 687

This all reminds him of his past. Of her.Collapse )

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These people round here/Wear beaten-down eyes sunk in smoke-dried faces

Hej Folks,

I finished my set for season20in20 finally. And it turned out that Ripper Street is a non Food Show. I had to fake a bit for the "eating" theme because we don't have any food in the first season. Anyway, you know how it works: Public until the end of the Voting and comments and light = ♥

These things they are real and I know How you feel...Collapse )

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So please look away, don't look at me/As we sink into the open sea


I have some old Icons again.

 photo Roberts02.png  photo MadMen92.png  photo Barnes24.png

You know how it works: Public for ~3 Weeks and comments and light = ♥

All those eyes on me/As I sink into the open sea...Collapse )

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Stock {Bunny}

500 miles and we're gonna make it all the way/We've got nothing to lose, we've got nothing to lose

Hi Folks,

I finished my first ever set for episodes20in20. I really love the idea of that show and chose for my first ever entry the Series Final of "The Mentalist". I really, really enjoyed this show, even when I still think that they ruined the characters a bit for making the show a bit longer, than it should be. Anyway, great show and a really emotional final.

You know how it works. Everything under cut, public until the end of the voting and comments and light = ♥

It"s been 10 years waiting/But it"s better late than the never...Collapse )
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Too lazy for a Subject

Hejsan Fans,

another set for guys20in20 - the only comm I seemed to stay active the last time - this time 12 Chris Hemsworth Icons just because he's hot.
I start having no longer any ideas who I could Icon in this comm, so if you have some guys you want to see some Icons from, let me know!

12 Icons under the cut. You know how it works: Public until the end of the voting and comments and light = love.

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Boston Legal {Alan}

The to do list

Hejsan Folks,

I hate to do lists. Really, I do. I prefer to write things down I've done and hate it to look at a list with all the stuff I haven't. Anyway, I decided to take part at the to do challenge over at gameofcards: Create something every day for 20 days. (this challenge actually runs for a month just to give you a little extra breathing room).

So, I will post Icons and Fic (hopefully) in the comments under this entry.

Let's get ready to rumble, Chicas!

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Walking Dead {Shane}

All the way to heartbreak

Hejsan Folks,
I wrote (pretty in a hurry), a fic for a challenge over at gameofcards.

"Description: Head over to this random word generator and generate anywhere from 3 to 8 words, depending on how much of a challenge you're up for."

I love stuff like that and my words were pretty great for a TWD Fic. Rick/Shane Galore! The fic is a pre-series fic. As always not betat, because I am way to slow and always run out of time.

Fic under the cut, comments and light = love.

Words Used: Bible, Tablet, Fridge
Title: (optional) The Question
Fandom: The Walkind Dead
Pairings: (if any) Shane/Rick
Warnings: (if any) kind of slashy and not betat (yay, me and my bad timemanagement again...)
Word Count: 352

What would you take with you to a lone island?Collapse )

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