Hold on to yourself//you know that only time will tell//What is it in me that refuses to believe

Hejsan Folks,

I have another set for guys20in20: This time the handsome Matthew Rhys. I loved the Themes this time and am pretty happy with them, but the Category was super hard. I hate color Themes because mostly I just fail. So this time. Anyway, here are 20 Icons + some Alts:

You know how it works:Public until the end of the Voting and comments & light = ♥
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Ripper Street

Remember how we laughed away the hours/And dreamed of all the great things we would do

Hejsan Folks,

it's time for some new/old Icons.

You know how it works: Public for about 3 weeks and comments and light = ♥
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There's a party in my head/But you should have been there with me now

Hej guys,

another 20in20. Another one for guys20in20 but this one a pretty cool and challenging idea:

For round #75 you ARE your guy (or be your first + second choice together ;o).
What 20in20 whould he join?
Icon about his fandoms. Is he a science nerd, a comic junkie?
Does he love cars, motorcycle, cats or his family?
What about hot girls or hot boys?
Can he relax in nature or does he need the big city?

Sounds super fun and was super hard. I choose Leo DiCaprio because I kind of thought I knew him the best for do a Round like this. I am sorry if I got something totally wrong (I used to be a hardcorde fan in the good old Titanic times, but that is almost 20 years ago, so things maybe changed...).

As always public until the end of the Voting and comments and light = ♥

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Ripper Street

I'm all alone and finally/I'm getting stronger

Hejsan Folks,

time for a new Fanmix. This time a Ripper Street Fanmix for gameofcards. The theme was Femme Fatale and the one character that came to my mind was Ripper Street's Susan.

So, you know how it works, full cover art, Lyrics, YT Links and a link to the spotify Playlist under the cut. Just to let you know, the Sportify Playlist misses one Song but there is a YT Link under the cut. Oh and I have to warn, one song + lyrics is explicit.
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