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Hejsan Folks,

here is my very, very late Entry for tvmovie20in20.

This time 25 Icons from the High School Musical Franchise. Public until the end of the Voting and comments and Light = ♥

Some of the Themes just drove me crazy. Icecream, Umbrella and Beach. Nobody was ever close to Icecream (I had in mind that in HSM The Musical, The Series is a scene with a frozen Latte Macchiato, but of course I could not find caps), had an Umbrella or was at the Beach. After I faked all three Icons I found a cap of Sharpay with a real Umbrella. Seriously? I was too lazy to change it again :D Sun was also hard. We all know HSM2 is all about sun, but you never see actually the sun. I iconed in the end a scene with huge shadows, what kind of proofs the sun :D
The Category is from HSM The Musical, The Series. Sadly there weren't that much pics around, so I had to use what I could find.
The Category is finally HSM3 only. I still love that movie so much ♥ Anyways, enough ramblings, enjoy the Icons :D

Ice Cream Summer Clothing Umbrella/font> Beach Friends
Scenery Trip/Journey Family Sun Provided Summer Font

Category Set: Summer Coming Color Palette
1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5

Tags: icons: high school musical the musical t, icons: highschool musical, icons: movies, icons: tv, icons: zac efron

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