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Och så blinkar det till/Gröna, röda, gula ljus

Hejsan Folks,

here's my entry for tvmovie20in20 - 20 Icons of the amazing Neve Campbell (and some Alts).

Rest under the Cut!

Fancast: I had absolute no idea for this. so I thought Neve as FBI agent kicking asses would be cool.
Fave Movie/TV: Tough choice, but I fell in love with Neve because of Party of Five, so I choosed it.
Co-Star: With Scott Wolf aka Bailey in Party of Five.
Film Poster: Inspired by "Call me bey your name" - it's a Promo Pic and a Quote from The Craft.
Genre: Horror - Scream will be forever iconic.
Magnifying Text: One more for The Craft.
Behind the Scenes: Neve and Wes Craven on the Scream Set, first movie.
Video Inspiration: I tried to copy the Background - the Pic is from Party of Five.

Category: All Icons from the Craft

Artist's Choice: The first is again from Party of Five, second from Titanic: Blood and Steel, Third Wild Things, 4th from Clouds and the last one from Skyscraper.

Fancast Photoshoot Favorite Movie/TV Co-Star Film Poster
Genre Magnifying Text Fan Service Behind The Scenes + Fake Background Video Inspiration

Zoom In Provided Texture Working Smiling Color Blocking

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