Neve {greenish}

I ditt öga var en storm jag såg/Som sommarsnö


I made a Fanmix for the Hearts Teambattle over at gameofcards. Some songs inspired by Winter, some I favour in winter, some that tell something about Winter. As always a Spotify Playlist and YouTube links. Feel free to tell me your fave Wintersongs in the comment and I can add it to the Spotify list. One song in swedish and one in german and we have some liveversions on YT. Hope you enjoy nevertheless ;D
OBS: Since "River" in the Robert Downey Jr. Version is not available at Spotify, I changed it to the Sarah McLachlan Version.

Full Coverart and Lyrics + Links under the Cut
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Narnia {Casmund}

Barefoot girl sitting on the hood of a Dodge/Drinking warm beer in the soft summer rain...

I have some last minute Fic for the Teambattle over at gameofcards. Because I m super, super late it's not betat and (I am pretty sure) still with a bunch of mistakes. So sorry for that.


Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia
Rating: T
Word count: 821
Takes part under the Golden Age.

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I'm all alone and finally/I'm getting stronger

Hejsan Folks,

time for a new Fanmix. This time a Ripper Street Fanmix for gameofcards. The theme was Femme Fatale and the one character that came to my mind was Ripper Street's Susan.

So, you know how it works, full cover art, Lyrics, YT Links and a link to the spotify Playlist under the cut. Just to let you know, the Sportify Playlist misses one Song but there is a YT Link under the cut. Oh and I have to warn, one song + lyrics is explicit.
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Harry Potter

Another lonely day/With no one here but me

Hejsan Folks,

here's another Fanmix for gameofcards. This time the Movie Edition of my Audrey Fanmix.
So here we go, 5 Songs about "The Martian". Again with YT Videos (and yay, none bad Live Versions in the links) and Spotify Playlist.

Full Cover, Lyrics, YT Links and Spotify Playlist under the cut. And you know, comments and light = ♥
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