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Hi Folks,

another entry for womenverse: "Create fanworks about non-human female characters."
Ok, sounds easy, it was not. I had to think pretty hard to come to a character. But, when nothing works, you can always search in Narnia ;D and yes, I found a non-human character: the (in the books) unnamed daughter of the retired star Ramandu. In the movie she got later a name: Liliandil.

I made a Fanmix and some Sigtags, everything under the cut.

To put a mix together is pretty hard, because we never get to know her really. In The Dawn Treader she is just a minor character and in The Silver Chair she is already dead. So we have no clue how her marriage with Caspian was or what she was for a mother for Rilian. So I tried in the mix to start with the phase where she meets Caspian and they feel in love. The end is a bit more darker, because in my head the marriage was not all happy (because Caspian still loved Edmund) because they were from different worlds. I hope it kind of worked out.
* I am sorry, I haven't found a perfect Link for "Glow Stars". I will change that asap.

Ok, the Mix with full cover Art and the Sig Tags under the cut. Enjoy and you know comments and light = love.

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But there never seems to be enough time/To do the things you want to do.

The idea of this mix was born years ago, but I never had the time (or the muse) to finally made it. But now waywardmixes gave me the chance to finally end this project for the Challenge "OTP". Yay :D The Mix includes one non-english song for which I made a very free translation.

Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia (movieverse)
Subject: Edmund/Caspian
Title: Never enough timne
Warnings/Notes: All the heartbreaking. Nothing more to add.

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